Changyeob Shin

I am a Ph.D. candidate in ME at UCLA and work with Prof. Jacob Rosen. In UCLA, I am working on the automation of surgery with Machine learning algorithms and Vision servo of surgical robots.

Before I came to UCLA, I finished Bachelors in EE and Masters in ME at Korea University. During master's degree, I worked with Prof. Hong in Mechatronics and Field Robotics Lab(MFR). In MFR, I was involved in the high-rise building maintenance robot project and initial prototyping of supernumerary robotic limbs for building construction application.

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I'm interested in Robotics, Control, Computer Vision and Machine Learning. Currently, my research focus is on path planning of surgical robots with machine learning algorithms and optimization, and vision servo control of them for automated surgery.

Automation of surgery

Supernumerary robotic limb for building construction

Building Maintenance robot

Course Project

Deep Reinforcement Learning for Playing Sonic the Hedgehog

Changyeob Shin, Minsung Ahn, Hosik Chae, Lecheng Ruan.

UCLA, Adapation and Learning class, Final Project 2017.


MAE82(UCLA) - Spring 2016 ~ Fall 2018 (7Qs) (TA)

4BL(UCLA) - Winter 2016 (TA)

Dynamics(Korea Univ.) - Fall 2014 (TA)

Machine shop practice(Korea Univ.) - Spring 2014 (TA)

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